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Employee of the Month – February 2013

Bukola Osinubi – Call Center Agent

The agent of the month from the call centers is Bukola Osinubi, a customer service representative from Nigeria who has won the past four Kudos Awards consecutively.

She answered over 500 calls last month and resolved over 700 cases alone. She also had the lowest average call duration of all agents, the highest test scores.

Bukola is always punctual and ready to assist fellow team members.

Thank you for your excellence in customer service!

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Employee of the Month – February 2013

Taiwo Yusuff – Call Center Supervisor

The selected employee of the month is Taiwo Yusuff, call center supervisor for Nigeria.

She has shown great leadership skills and has been able to handle the challenges of her job while taking on responsibilities of her colleagues occasionally.

Taiwo has ensured that the Nigerian call center has adhered to the terms of all Service Level Agreements and, therefore, the call center has experienced minimal downtime.

Thank you for your excellence in service & leadership!


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