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A $100 Donation and a 7 Day Hike, for Mama Tormeh in Liberia, Africa

A $100 Donation and a 7 Day Hike, for Mama Tormeh in Liberia, Africa

Nancy Wallace, Vice President of Computer Frontiers Inc. and her nephew, Robert Thyberg, senior student at River Hill High School in Clarksville Maryland, decided to take on the challenge of hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Seventeen-year-old Robert Thyberg decided to dedicate this hike to a small community in Liberia, where his sister had visited two years ago. Led by the loving Mama Tormeh, this community was in need of resources and financial support. Mama Tormeh is an empowering woman that provides education and economic opportunities to the people in villages. Thus, Robert dedicated his excursion to support his fundraising campaign, the “Mama Tormeh Village Fund”.

Furthermore, Nancy Wallace, CFI staff had the opportunity to support her nephew and the community. Computer Frontiers Inc. gave each staff person $100 to give away those in need. Nancy contributed her $100 CFI donation to the Mama Tormeh Village Fund, and brought hope to the Liberia community.

Overall, Nancy and Robert’s seven-day hike was a success as they reached the summit on February 14th. This “roof-top of Africa” is one of the largest freestanding mountains in the world and is the highest mountain in Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro rises majestically from the rolling and hot savannah of Tanzania to a barren and snowcapped 3-1/2 mile high peak. Not only were they able to spread awareness about Mama Tormeh’s community efforts throughout Liberia, but Robert was able to spread awareness throughout his school and community. Robert has always challenged himself in sports and academics and just received the appointment to the Naval Academy, Class of 2018. He continues to support Mama Tormeh and her efforts in Africa, today.



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