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Computer Frontiers’ Affiliate Frontier Technologies, Ltd. the AgriPreneur Expo &  ICT-BPO International Conference in Kampala, Uganda

Frederick, MD – Computer Frontiers Inc. affiliated company in Kampala, Uganda, Frontier Technologies, Ltd., attended the AgriPreneur Summit & Expo in Kampala, Uganda on April 21, 2016. This event displayed advances in modern agri-business technology and Information Communication Technologies in the Business Process Outsourcing innovations in Uganda.

At the Kampala Serena Hotel, the American Chamber of Commerce of Uganda (AmChamUG) hosted this event to discuss opportunities in agribusiness. Over 900 attendees participated in this event to learn more about the advanced technologies and engagements taking place in Uganda. Frontier Technologies showcased our Managed Network Services and Call Center Services along with our experiences in implementing over 280 technology projects over the last 20 years, including agricultural projects. We offer innovative IT solutions along the agricultural value chain and private industries.

This event included over 30 speakers and 100 exhibitors from Uganda, The United States, Burundi, and Kenya. In addition, His Excellency,  Prime Minister Rugunda, and the U.S. Ambassador, Ambassador Scott DeLisi, offered remarks about the new markets and investment opportunities in Uganda.

Country Director attends the 5th Annual Freedom Online Coalition Conference in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Gambia Country Director for Computer Frontiers Inc., Mr. Poncelet Ileleji attends “The 5th Annual Freedom Online Conference (FOC)” hosted by the current FOC chair – Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on May 4th and 5th 2015.  This conference consists of governments’ representatives, numerous foreign affairs officials, multinational ICT companies, and Civil Society organizations.  Participants discussed ways in which governments around the world can structure policy-making processes in order to maximize the realization of human rights online within their jurisdiction.  According to Freedom Online Coalition, panels and discussions focused on issues such as rule-of-law, transparency, the Tallin Agenda (for Freedom Online) implementation, and how to maximize non-governmental stakeholder input and participation in government policy making.

Mr. Ileleji partook in discussions addressing rights and freedoms online.  He stated in his remarks that Computer Frontiers adheres to the fundamental principles of Transparency and Privacy online with governments, and various organizations in Africa and across the globe.  Thus, Computer Frontiers has served government and private sector clients in more than 40 countries throughout the world.  Africa IT Solutions South SudanThis ICT Company values transparency, Internet freedom, and privacy online worldwide.

The Freedom Online Coalition is composed of 26 governments who work to advance Internet freedom. This partnership coordinates diplomatic efforts and engages with the private sector to support free expression, association, assembly, and privacy online.  FOC members and working groups are committed to protecting and promoting online freedoms domestically and abroad.  Freedom Online Coalition Working groups were created to convey policy issues facing online freedom and to inform the work of the Coalition and its members.  Mr. Ileleji sits on Working Group 3 to address transparency and privacy online.  Working Group 3 of FOC focuses on the relationship between governments and information & communications technology (ICT) companies, with a particular emphasis on respecting human rights online, including freedom of expression and privacy.

Africa IT Solutions South Sudan

Country Director attends The High Level ICT Conferences

Gambia Country Director for Computer Frontiers Inc., Mr. Poncelet Ileleji attended The “High Level Conference on Data Revolution” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on March 27th to 28th, 2015.  The African Data Revolution, a side event of the 8th AU-ECA Conference of Ministers, culminated the Africa Data Consensus.  The co-organizers of this event were the African Union Commission (AUC), the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the African Development Bank (AfDB), and UN Development Program (UNDP).  This conference highlighted the importance of innovative technologies and disaggregated data for decision-making throughout Africa.

Mr. Ileleji partook in discussions by stakeholders in the Data Revolution Conference, organized by the Web Foundation and other partners.  He stated in his remarks that Computer Frontiers maintains IT security and data integrity in our use of ICT as a tool of service delivery in Africa focusing on Call/Contact Center Solutions, Frontier Travel Visa Services, Health Informatics and more.

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, (UNECA) the African Data Revolution is the shift in the way data is employed on development decision-making with an emphasis on building a culture of usageAt the Conference, key actions from the Africa Data Consensus were discussed, including ideas around developing an inclusive data ecosystem, constructing civil registration systems, and improving data collection, analysis and usage.  Overall, the panel discussions emphasized the call for a broad data ecosystem that includes the entire value chain driven by national priorities through the Fundamental Principle of Official Statistics.

In addition, Mr. Ilelji also attended The Global Conference on Cyberspace, which took place on April 15th to 17th 2015, in The Hague, Netherlands.  The GCCS 2015 promotes international stability in cyber domains and develops safe ways to do business.  African states are now at various stages of developing their cyber security strategy, and Mr. Ilelji is ensuring Africa is engaged helping, Computer Frontiers protect our client companies from threats to their data and privacy through innovative cyber security technologies.


Barbara Keating speaks at ATA’s 39th Annual World Congress event in Uganda!

President and Founder of Computer Frontiers, Barbara Keating speaks at the Africa Travel Association’s 39th Annual World Congress in Uganda on November 11-16, 2014. Ms. Keating has 25 years of experience bringing innovative and technological solutions throughout Africa. During this event, Ms. Keating spoke on the ATA panel discussion, “Spotlight on Tourism Facilitation” to share her experiences of doing business in Africa.

This panel discussion highlights the importance of tourism facilitation and the challenges and opportunities in the travel industry. Keating also discussed how travel and tourism coheres with investments, job creation, and the economy in Africa. Furthermore, this ATA signature event provided networking events, informative panels, tourism ministers’ roundtable, an African Bazaar, and much more. This event also showcased the newest products and services between the US and Africa, and offered professional development opportunities in various industries.

President and Founder of Computer Frontiers, Barbara Keating spoke at the Africa Travel Association’s 39th Annual World Congress in Uganda

In 1996, Barbara Keating established Computer Frontiers Inc., a technology company with affiliate companies located in Uganda, Ghana, Senegal, and South Africa. CFI has implemented over 170 technology projects in more than 40 countries. This international consulting firm is dedicated to the applied use of Internet, information communications technology and free market principles to further the business, trade and development goals in all countries. Overall, Barbara Keating has shown the potential growth of business in Africa to thousands of companies, business professionals, and African governments around the globe.

Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda Waive Visa Fees for Foreign Residents by Trek East Africa

Published and Written by Trek East Africa



Three Partner States of the East African Community (EAC) namely; Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, under the Northern Corridor Integration Projects initiative, have waived visa fees for foreign residents living within the 3 countries in order to allow them easier access to the region’s diverse offering.Inline image 1

The visa free was approved last year on 11th December 2014 and is contained in a Ministerial report that Presidents Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Paul Kagame of Rwanda signed at the 8th Northern Corridor Integration Summit held in Nairobi in Dec 2014.

Foreign residents in the three Partner States with valid work and resident permits will no longer have to pay the US$30-50 visa fee on arrival but will now be issued with an Interstate pass at the airport of departure for admission to the destination. Uganda and Rwanda implemented this reform on 15th Dec 2014 but the impact only became real when Kenya effected the directive on 15th Feb 2015.

Uganda Tourism Board’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Asiimwe said; “This move is bound to bring exponential benefits to foreign residents living in the three countries. Our countries have a rich tourist menu on offer. From serene beaches, to pristine wildlife and nature, exquisite reserves, warm hearted and inviting people, our region is the place to visit. Our products are inexhaustible and this waiver offers our region, the best place to live and work. We encourage this expatriate community to be a part of the endless discovery, encounter and adventure of the best tourism episode of Africa at the least affordable price.

We encourage the private sector to take advantage of this opportunity to offer unbeatable packages while maximizing win-win offers,” Asiimwe concluded.

While Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) Managing Director Muriithi Ndegwa said, “the visa free travel  will provide an amazing opportunity for residents staying in the three Partner States to explore the immense diversity of wildlife, landscapes, cultures, and heritage, among other renowned attractions either for weekend gateways, corporate retreats or annual family holidays”.

On her part, the Rwanda Development Board’s Head of Department for Tourism and Conservation Ambassador Yamina Karitanyisaid in a statement that the waiver of the fee was the next step in consolidating and enriching the region’s tourism offering.

“We are approaching the rest of the world as a unified and rich tourist destination with varied experiences for travellers. We are also positioning East Africa’s tourism assets collectively as part of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects,” said Ambassador Karitanyi adding that the joint marketing programmes will be carried out annually and will cover international trade fairssuch as the International Tourism Board (ITB), JATA Tourism EXPO Japan, Akwaaba African Travel market and World Travel Market (WTM) in 2015. She pointed out that going forward; the Partner States will lobby for a single stand during international tourism marketing events.

Outlining the modalities of implementation, Ambassador Karitanyi said the eligible foreign residents shall be issued with interstate pass on exiting the host state and visitor’s pass endorsed in their passports on arrival by presenting valid work/resident permits. Other immigration procedures and regulations will however be maintained.

In preparing for the joint marketing programs, she noted that the three Partner States were already gearing up the teams involved by conducting destination training workshops and disseminating information on the use of National Identity Cards, Student/Voters Cards and the East Africa Tourist Visa.

Waturi Matu, Coordinator of the East Africa Tourism Platform noted that “there was need for continued lobbying on free movement of persons, services and other tourism related issues within the full East African Community (EAC). However, this will only be possible if the Tourism and Wildlife Management Sectoral Council meetings are held frequently and the agenda is reviewed to address current needs and quick wins.

Lobbying needs to intensify at Partner State level for frequent meetings since the EAC Tourism and Wildlife Management Sectoral Council is only on its 6th meeting while other Sectoral Councils are on their 15th meeting, hence the very slow progress on Tourism and Wildlife Management at the EAC.

Frontier Technologies at the 9th International Facilitation Trade Expo in Kampala, Uganda

This summer, Frontier Technologies Ltd partnered with the American Embassy in the 9th International Facilitation Trade Expo 2014. Frontier Technologies, a subsidiary company of Computer Frontiers Group, showcased its services and solutions at the UMA Exhibition Hall in Kampala, Uganda. 

Barbara Keating, Computer Frontiers CEO, Speaks at WTCI 8th Annual Women Spanning the Globe Leadership Conference

Barbara Keating, Computer Frontiers CEO, Speaks at WTCI 8th Annual Women Spanning the Globe Leadership Conference

            Barbara Keating, President and Founder of Computer Frontiers Inc. spoke at World Trade Center Institute’s (WTCI) 8th Annual Women Spanning the Globe Leadership Conference. The women’s conference celebrated the global achievements of women who participate in global business, foreign affairs, and international relations. This event was presented by the World Trade Center Institute and Jhpiego. As the largest international business network in the Mid-Atlantic, WTCI provides the opportunity for businesses and global leaders to connect and expand international sales and trade all over the world.

            This event included informative panels and featured topics such as: “Developing Women Leaders,” “Women Around the Globe in 60 Minutes,” “Social Media Global Movements,” and many more. Highlighted as a visionary woman, Ms.  Keating provided key insight for the featured topic, Women Around the World in 60 Minutes – Leadership Learning Across the Globe.” In 1996, Barbara Keating founded Computer Frontiers Inc. as an international consulting firm dedicated to the applied use of Internet, information communications technology and free market principles to further the business, trade and development goals in all countries

            With over 25 years of experience working in Africa, Barbara Keating conveyed the potential growth of business in Africa, barriers for women around the globe, and addressed world issues such as gender equality. As a business leader abroad, Keating shared her valuable experience that has contributed to the success of Computer Frontiers Inc., to continue supporting the development of women leaders and advocates throughout the world.  Today, Computer Frontiers has implemented information communications technology projects in over 53 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

            Hosting over 250 women, the 8th Annual Women Spanning the Globe Leadership Conference was a success, connecting women throughout the region, at all points of the career path.

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Frontier Services International Limited expands into The Gambia!

Frontier Services International Limited expands into The Gambia

Computer Frontiers Inc. is proud to announce that Frontier Services International Limited, has established a new office in Gambia, Africa. Frontier Services Limited is an affiliated company of Computer Frontiers Inc. and was incorporated in the Gambia in the first quarter of 2014. Frontier Services Ltd. supports Computer Frontiers Inc. by administering call centers, implementing customer service support, and maintaining other network operations in Gambia.

Frontier Services New Office in The Gambia, Africa

Frontier Services Ltd has established this new office in Fajara, Gambia, and currently employs eight full time staff, three part time support personnel, and is overseen by Poncelet Ileleji, Country Director.

This sister company of CFI supports the Hospitality Industry and aligned industries, and provides call center support for E-Visa services in English for  CFI clients around the world. As the ground operator for the United States, Frontier Services Ltd also provides customer service assistance for visitors and tourists coming into the Gambia.

Computer Frontiers Inc. is proud of this establishment and continues to deliver excellent customer satisfaction in the Gambia and throughout Africa. CFI continues to provide exceptional service with affiliate companies located in Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo, Uganda and Zimbabwe.  Today, Computer Frontiers Inc continues to serve the government and private sector clients in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

Frontier Services New Office in Gambia

Grace Le Receives the Top Scholarship!

Grace Le is Awarded the Jack Kent Cook Scholarship!

Grace Le, staff member of Computer Frontiers Inc., has been awarded one of the most prestigious scholarships in the United Sates, the 2014 Jack Kent Cook Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. This scholarship is the largest private scholarship for community college transfer students in the country, and has selected Grace as a top recipient! Grace has excelled in her academic career at Montgomery College and has been in student government as the President of the Student Council, and throughout the Montgomery County area.

The Jack Kent Cook Foundation is a private foundation that helps students reach their educational goals through financial support. The Jack Kent Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is extremely competitive, and targets top community college students who seek to complete their bachelor’s degree. Thus, this scholarship supports students in any area of study, and provides up to $30,000 per year for college tuition, living expenses, book expenses, and any other college fees.

Competing for this scholarship was no easy task – Grace completed the two phases of the application process, wrote a total of twenty essays, and was selected as a recipient of the scholarship this spring. Grace is one of only 85 finalists who has received this award from a pool of 3,705 applications throughout the nation.  Grace will use this opportunity to continue down her academic career studying chemical engineering in the fields of polymer science and nanotechnology. Grace hopes to start her own business and continues to strive for success every day.

A $100 Donation and a 7 Day Hike, for Mama Tormeh in Liberia, Africa

A $100 Donation and a 7 Day Hike, for Mama Tormeh in Liberia, Africa

Nancy Wallace, Vice President of Computer Frontiers Inc. and her nephew, Robert Thyberg, senior student at River Hill High School in Clarksville Maryland, decided to take on the challenge of hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Seventeen-year-old Robert Thyberg decided to dedicate this hike to a small community in Liberia, where his sister had visited two years ago. Led by the loving Mama Tormeh, this community was in need of resources and financial support. Mama Tormeh is an empowering woman that provides education and economic opportunities to the people in villages. Thus, Robert dedicated his excursion to support his fundraising campaign, the “Mama Tormeh Village Fund”.

Furthermore, Nancy Wallace, CFI staff had the opportunity to support her nephew and the community. Computer Frontiers Inc. gave each staff person $100 to give away those in need. Nancy contributed her $100 CFI donation to the Mama Tormeh Village Fund, and brought hope to the Liberia community.

Overall, Nancy and Robert’s seven-day hike was a success as they reached the summit on February 14th. This “roof-top of Africa” is one of the largest freestanding mountains in the world and is the highest mountain in Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro rises majestically from the rolling and hot savannah of Tanzania to a barren and snowcapped 3-1/2 mile high peak. Not only were they able to spread awareness about Mama Tormeh’s community efforts throughout Liberia, but Robert was able to spread awareness throughout his school and community. Robert has always challenged himself in sports and academics and just received the appointment to the Naval Academy, Class of 2018. He continues to support Mama Tormeh and her efforts in Africa, today.