Cash for a Cause Provides Hope!

Over this past holiday season, Computer Frontiers Inc. gave each staff person $100 to give away those in need. All of the employees where touched by this opportunity to give, as well as the various recipients who received the donation. The heartwarming stories will be shared in hope that those who read and hear of the acts of kindness will be blessed by it too. 

Please read below about a family from Uganda that Edward of CFI staff chose to give the money to.

Ms. Vento is a retired primary teacher of 58 years living with HIV/AIDS, has given birth to eight children two of whom have passed on (a university student in early 2013) with HIV/AIDS. She makes peanut paste for a living and has small stall to showcase her product in the Kamwokya Market. She doesn’t receive pension although she is a retired teacher.

Ms. Vento lives in the lower part of Mawanda in a roomed rented house with all her fam

ily which she pays rent fee monthly.she pays rent fee of 250,000/= (Two hundred and fifty thousand shillings only) a month. However the landlady plans on having the rent increased to 300,000/= (Three hundred thousand shillings), a fee that Ms. Vento says she cannot afford. The viable solution is to relocate to another affordable house.

She also informed me that the house does not have tapped water which forces them to fetch water from a nearby well. She is currently planning for her children’s’ school fees and they are expected to report to school early February with at least half of the fees. She sometimes receives assistance from her brother towards her children’s welfare such as buying scholastic materials but this is not on a daily basis.

I choose to give the funds to Ms. Vento because even though she is suffering from HIV, she has managed to work hard and provide for a family of 6 people.

Edward K.