Cash for Cause Impacts the Children of Uganda

Over this past holiday season, Computer Frontiers Inc. gave each staff person $100 to give away those in need. All of the employees where touched by this opportunity to give, as well as the various recipients who received the donation. The heartwarming stories will be shared in hope that those who read and hear of the acts of kindness will be blessed by it too.

Please read below about two organizations, Kitenge African Foundation and Child Aid Foundation that Christine of CFI staff chose to give the money to.

Kitenge African Foundation

Kitenge African Foundation (KAF) is looking after poor orphaned children and women, helping them off the street and making sure that they get care from different individuals so as to live a normal life like the other children.

They have different projects like Life Skills Camp; Micro Finance, Educational Camp; Learning Program, and Family Reunion Program which helps homeless children to be resettled and reunited with their families or relatives. Children often end up on the streets due to a lack of love, a family crisis, and breakdowns.

They will be able to see more homeless children off the street and give them better food and medical treatment.

Child Aid Foundation (CAFI)

CAFI foundation helps orphaned and homeless children from the age of two to twelve years to continue to pursue an education and also get safe housing plus other basic needs. Older children have also been able to perform well in school and get accepted in some of the best schools in the country. It also trains them on ways of coping with the changing technology and also good and responsible behavior amongst themselves in preparation for a better future.

The whole team received the donation (200,000) UGX with thanks on the day that they were having their general meeting. They were all very pleased to receive the money and sent thanks and blessings to CFI. 

The executive Director Julius received the 50,000 UGX and was very grateful and thankful to Computer Frontiers. He promised to buy clothes for the little children.


Christine N.