Cash for Cause Reaches Kampala, Uganda

Over this past holiday season, Computer Frontiers Inc. gave each staff person $100 to give away those in need. All of the employees where touched by this opportunity to give, as well as the various recipients who received the donation. The heartwarming stories will be shared in hope that those who read and hear of the acts of kindness will be blessed by it too. 

Please read below about the families in Kisamula along Kampala that Nalubego of CFI staff chose to give the money to.

I did the Charity within my area of residence since I stay in an upcoming estate in Kisamula along Kampala – Mityana Road with many squarters who many of them are needy people. I first went for a walk within the estate studying the nature of the old dwellers of the village, their life style so I could make a choice of who to bless.

I found two homes that I decided to buy for the basic needs of life so from their I went to the market and bought them these items that I found to be very important and these Families were;-

  1. An Old woman of 69 Years with 5 grandchildren
  2. A man staying in a small thatched house with 6 children and a wife

The Old Woman (Jjajja Namulindwa):

I Found this old woman called Jjaja Namulindwa at the edge of the estate where she humbly stays with her 5 Grandchildren, four (4) of which are children for her late 2 daughters and one whose mother is currently living in Kampala and working in a Kiosk as a Kiosk attendant. She is 69 years old and she lives in a two bed-roomed house which is almost collapsing, the oldest of these grandchildren is in Form 6 and the youngest going to Form 1 in a near by UPE (Universal Primary Education) School but she says, she cannot even afford the Shs 10,000 charge for each child at school per term for lunch. When asked about the Medicare for these children, she says she has to walk about 20km to the nearest Grade B Hospital if any of these children gets ill. I gave her the Food and other home needs that I had bought for her and promised to visit her sometime this month so I can give her the Shs. 50,000 for the children’s lunch at school so she can be able to pay before school starts.

The Man staying in a small house with 6 Children and a wife.

I found this Man called Omulongo Wasswa in the village of Kisamula, he is about 55 years of age and he has just been evicted from a house where he was staying in Kampala so he chose to come and stay in his plot of land and so he put up a one roomed thatched house with all his 6 children and wife. He had earlier on started to construct a one bed-roomed house so he decided to cover one room with iron sheets so that some of the children can sleep there. December being a rainy season, it’s been difficult for the family to stay in the cold. He says in his own words that he takes one day at a time because life is too difficult for him and he lost hope for a change. When asked about food, he says that his wife gathers some greens from the garden and they take it as sauce and they usually buy some food from around but it is too expensive. We blessed him and the family with what we had bought for them and they were very excited to receive it.

By Nalubego N.