Cash for Cause Supports a Mother and Her Son

Over this past holiday season, Computer Frontiers Inc. gave each staff person $100 to give away those in need. All of the employees where touched by this opportunity to give, as well as the various recipients who received the donation. The heartwarming stories will be shared in hope that those who read and hear of the acts of kindness will be blessed by it too. 

Please read below about the woman that Henry of CFI staff chose to give the money to.

I am Henry and I work for Computer Frontiers. I gave my charity fund of 250,000 Uganda shillings ($100) to Nasali Edith a resident of Seguku Village in Kampala Uganda.

Nasali Edith is a 17 year old mother of one that was defiled by her boss at the age of fifteen. 

Edith defied all odds and met a good samaritan that took her in and she gave birth to a baby boy. The baby boy now aged one year, but was diagnosed with downs syndrome. Telling from Edith’s stories, she finds it a big challenge taking care of her baby and at the same time doing odd jobs to make ends.When Nasali was working for her boss as a maid, the boss’s wife found out that Edith became pregnant and later threw her out the house when Nasali was six months pregnant.

When I gave her the money, she was too excited and even shed a tear. She couldn’t believe that someone could ever give her that amount of money. She was too grateful to Computer Frontiers for the donation, and told me to extend her gratitude to the management of Computer Frontiers for making her Christmas a merry one.

Henry M.