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Grace Le Receives the Top Scholarship!

Grace Le is Awarded the Jack Kent Cook Scholarship!

Grace Le, staff member of Computer Frontiers Inc., has been awarded one of the most prestigious scholarships in the United Sates, the 2014 Jack Kent Cook Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. This scholarship is the largest private scholarship for community college transfer students in the country, and has selected Grace as a top recipient! Grace has excelled in her academic career at Montgomery College and has been in student government as the President of the Student Council, and throughout the Montgomery County area.

The Jack Kent Cook Foundation is a private foundation that helps students reach their educational goals through financial support. The Jack Kent Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is extremely competitive, and targets top community college students who seek to complete their bachelor’s degree. Thus, this scholarship supports students in any area of study, and provides up to $30,000 per year for college tuition, living expenses, book expenses, and any other college fees.

Competing for this scholarship was no easy task – Grace completed the two phases of the application process, wrote a total of twenty essays, and was selected as a recipient of the scholarship this spring. Grace is one of only 85 finalists who has received this award from a pool of 3,705 applications throughout the nation.  Grace will use this opportunity to continue down her academic career studying chemical engineering in the fields of polymer science and nanotechnology. Grace hopes to start her own business and continues to strive for success every day.

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New Agent in Senegal!

We are pleased to welcome into our Senegal team- Lilian Toure, a Call Center Agent who has successfully concluded her Customer Service Training in our US Visa call center for the English Speaking West African countries.

Liliane has proven herself capable of handling all the responsibilities of a call center representative, and was certified in May as a Customer Service Professional after months of training. We look forward to working with you Liliane, congratulations!

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Supervisor of the Quarter, Isidore (IT) Tabati

Isidore (IT) Tabati has been selected as the employee of the quarter. He has shown great leadership skill continues to demonstrate his ability to successfully lead his team in Togo and support his fellow supervisors throughout the region.  

IT’s leadership continues to strengthen the quality of service to our clients across the region. He commitment to meeting deadlines and providing excellent customer service is appreciated by the entire CFI team.

Kudos IT!

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Agent of the Quarter, Bukola Esther (Bukky) Osinubi!

CFI would like to recognize Bukola Esther (Bukky) Osinubi as the ‘Agent of the Quarter’.

She was chosen due to her exemplary performance- excellent call handling skills and a wonderful attitude to work, her teamwork exceeds all expectations and she is satisfactorily punctual.

More grease to your elbows Bukky!

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Uganda Call Center Agents Trained

Computer Frontiers just completed training our U.S. Visa Information Service Call Center Agents in Kampala, Uganda. Call center agents completed their training on April 18, 2013 and are now ready to field questions and calls regarding visa services.

These agents not only completed the standard U.S. Visa Information Service training, in addition they successfully completed the training to provide information regarding Immigrant Visas (IV). In the coming months, Ayub Kato, CFI’s Regional Manager for Call Center Operations in Africa, will be rolling out this additional training to all Computer Frontiers’ agents.

Congratulations to the call agents who received their training certificates and best wishes for a productive, customer-focused career in providing visa services for us!

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Employee of the Month – February 2013

Bukola Osinubi – Call Center Agent

The agent of the month from the call centers is Bukola Osinubi, a customer service representative from Nigeria who has won the past four Kudos Awards consecutively.

She answered over 500 calls last month and resolved over 700 cases alone. She also had the lowest average call duration of all agents, the highest test scores.

Bukola is always punctual and ready to assist fellow team members.

Thank you for your excellence in customer service!

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Employee of the Month – February 2013

Taiwo Yusuff – Call Center Supervisor

The selected employee of the month is Taiwo Yusuff, call center supervisor for Nigeria.

She has shown great leadership skills and has been able to handle the challenges of her job while taking on responsibilities of her colleagues occasionally.

Taiwo has ensured that the Nigerian call center has adhered to the terms of all Service Level Agreements and, therefore, the call center has experienced minimal downtime.

Thank you for your excellence in service & leadership!


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Employee of the Month – December 2012

Ayub Kato, Africa Regional Manager of Call Center Operations, Uganda

We are proud to announce that native Ugandan, Ayub Kato, is the December 2012 Employee of the Month! As Computer Frontiers’ Africa Regional Manager of Call Center Operations, he has tirelessly pushed to improve the quality of our customer service at our call centers in Africa. Ayub has also been integral to our business development in South Sudan.

His strengh in cooridnating logistics and managing details makes him a valuable asset to CFI. He’s currently cooridinating the setup and operation of our new office in Uganda. Ayub’s sunny personality and boundless energy keeps us all going, like a strong cup of coffee!

We appreciate his efforts on TEAM CFI. Job well done, Ayub!

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Employee of the Month – October 2012

Isidore Tabati, Call Agent Supervisor, Togo

Isidore Tabati is the employee of the month for October for Togo. He deserves the award because as the call center supervisor in Togo, he has shown great leadership skills and he efficiently and accurately compiles the daily reports, submitting them in a timely fashion. There has been minimal downtime under his supervision and even during the periods when he had limited staff last month, he was able to coordinate operations and make sure that the call center still had exceptional figures in all SLAs.

For Overall Excellence in Performance, Isidore Tabati receives the Employee of the Month award this month.

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Employee of the Month – October 2012 Nigeria

Osinubi Bukola, Call Agent, Nigeria

The overal ESWA agent of the month is Bukola Osinubi, who performed above and beyond expectations in all categories of the monthly Kudos awards.

She received a perfect score of 100%!

Bukola is punctual, reliable, and maintains an excellent attitude at all times. She’s a good team player and has great call handling and customer service skills.

For her overall Excellence in Service, Burkola Osinubi is awarded Employee of the Month for October for Nigeria. Congratulations!

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