Computer Frontiers Inc. Discovers Great Interest by African Governments in E-Visa Software and Services at The Corporate Council on Africa’s 9th Biennial U.S.-Africa Business Summit!

During CCA’s U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Chicago, Illinois, Barbara Keating, the President and Founder of Computer Frontiers Inc., Nancy Wallace, Vice President, and Allison Hishmeh, V-Visa Support Team, engaged with African government leaders, officials from major U.S. companies, and other members of Africa’s private sector in demonstrating the power Frontier Travel V-Visa Services  has in increasing tourism.

Over 1,000 attended the conference, including representatives from more than 70 countries. The areas of agribusiness, energy, health, security, infrastructure, capacity building, ICT, and finance were all discussed in evolving the important roles of trade and investment between the United States and Africa. 
There were specific 3-hour long sessions on “How to do Business” in countries of Mozambique, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Ethiopia to name a few as well as relaxing networking events, including a dramatic evening cruise on Lake Michigan.