Employee of the Month – February 2012 (Togo)

Rola Gbedema, Call Agent, Togo


  • Number of Call Answered – 139
  • Average Call Duration (in minutes) – 5:21
  • Cases Closed – 131
  • Teamwork – Excellent
  • Punctuality – Excellent
  • Attitude to work – Exceeds Expectation
  • Call Handling Skills – 98%

Rola performed dynamically in the month of January. She assisted during the strike period and maintained the best score for cases closed. She completes tasks on time and always to specification. She is one of the best agents in Togo for briefing the call center and researching visa information to keep her and her teammates on the cutting edge of any new developments. Rola’s punctual attendance during the strike was greatly appreciated and her positive attitude makes her a valuable team member.