The CFI Charity Fund Helps the Elderly

Over this past holiday season, Computer Frontiers Inc. gave each staff person $100 to give away those in need. All of the employees where touched by this opportunity to give, as well as the various recipients who received the donation. The heartwarming stories will be shared in hope that those who read and hear of the acts of kindness will be blessed by it too. 

Please read below about the elderly woman that Timothy of CFI staff chose to give the money to. 

I donated from the CFI charity fund to a family with no male figure, while tasked with a challenge of bringing up a number their siblings.

I chose to give this money to them because it is amazing what this family has to take care of a big family with no clear source of income, and is only headed by an elderly woman together with her daughter. They manage to take care of a number of children, many of whom are from their siblings who have passed away. They are now tasked with the challenge of taking care of them, which includes taking them to school (offering education), and providing the basic needs of life a child would need.

It is with this simple background that I thought this donation from CFI would really mean a lot to such a family with the need to raise school fees and other life necessities.

The family greatly appreciated the donation and sent a lot of thanks to CFI for this charity which will always be fresh in their minds, Thanks CFI.

Timothy K.